Video Services - Wireless Presentation System

Present and Collaborate with Solstice

Solstice enables users to simultaneously share content to a room display using their laptops and mobile devices.  A number of users can instantly connect, share and control content, improving wireless presentations, promoting classroom collaboration, and increasing meeting efficiency.  Share desktops with audio, application windows, videos, images and mirror mobile device screens to the display.  Sources are automatically tiled onto the screen for side-by-side viewing or can be positioned and scaled into any custom layout.

How to Connect
  • Make sure that you are connected to a Georgia Tech provided wireless network. For info on connecting to any of Georgia Tech’s wireless networks, visit
  • First-time Users:  Open a browser on your device and type in the IP address that you see on the Solstice display in the room. Follow the on-screen prompts to download the app for your device.
  • Returning Users:  Open the Solstice app on your device, and either connect to a Solstice display from the directory, or type in the IP address of a Solstice Pod.
  • When prompted, input the screen key shown on the Solstice Display.
Documentation for Deploying Solstice

If you’re deploying Solstice at Georgia Tech, contact OIT for assistance configuring your Solstice Displays to meet security requirements and provide a consistent user experience.


In any classroom location, call 404-894-4669 or submit an online request for assistance. Information is also available from Mersive.